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Fri, 7th Sep. 2012, 20:37
Shopping online

Shopping online for a nightclub to go in this backwater town. I've already been to the (palatable but not exactly good) "best" gay night club. They play mostly commercial garage. The crowd is fun, but very young. I'd rather risk a different place.

> partyatcampinas.com >> Electronic Music

NightClub 1 >> Friday - Country Music; Saturday - Electronic Music; Sunday - Country Music

I hit on Saturday, for curiosity's sake. It's actually Country Music, as well.

> partyatcampinas.com >> Electronic Music

NightClub 2 >> Country Music
NightClub 3 >> Country Music
NightClub 4 >> Alternative Rock Music
NightClub 5 >> Country Music

Do I live in an alternate reality ? Where is House ? Techno ? Trance ? Drum n' Bass ?  Dubstep ? I could even buy Funk. Should I try the Ballroom pages ?

> partyatcampinas.com >> Electronic Music

NightClub 6 >> Actual Electronic Music 

Jackpot ! I listen to some tracks in their website and it seems to be exactly what I want. Dry electronic music, not the usual commercial house with lots of female vocals (though I like that too, on occasion).

Now, will I be able to get in ?

I take a look at the galleries. The place seems to be gay-friendly, but not really gay. They don't advertise their cover charge --- suggesting that it might be either ridiculous average, either ridiculous expensive. The crowd seems to be diverse: fat, thin, black, white, tall, short, uglish, prettish. This is good.

There does not seem to be a strong dress code, people are dressed either smart, either casual but with labels. Everything suggests middle middle class --- it doesn't look like a snob place. I would be surer if I could see the shoes ---- damn, why doesn't any of the pictures show the shoes ?

I think I'll risk it.

But only after a bubble bath : this is exhausting.

Thu, 26th Jul. 2012, 23:35
Chest Hair Transplants

Apparently those exist !

I find it crazy, but at least they are less perverse than the reverse Body Hair Transplants... (now, why would anyone do those ?)

Mon, 18th Jun. 2012, 18:26
Internet + Sex + Subcultures => Surrealness

Apparently this is a real thing : http://www.gaythugdating.com/

Mon, 18th Jun. 2012, 02:14

I looked at the mirror and my father looked back at me.

Genetics is frightening.

Tue, 5th Jun. 2012, 22:22
The last straw

Okay : fuck knowledge. I just want to be rich now :

The Virgin Atlantic Upper Class

Mon, 28th May. 2012, 01:09
Y U No Syllabic ?

Hyphenation rules in English are just crazy. Com - plet - ly de - lir - i - ous !

Sat, 19th May. 2012, 15:37

"There are three things upon this world,
Whose taste don't satiate :
Water, Bread, and the name of Maria."

Mario Quintana (A Cor do Invisível)

I am a big fan of Maria biscuits, big plain round biscuits somewhat akin to Tea biscuits, but until today I was under the impression they were a Brazilian local product, for I had never seen them in the shelves of supermarkets in any country I've visited.

Therefore, I was surprised to find out they are an English invention, and that they have an international market. I was amused to find  a review pages of the product: the Queen of All Cookies page. The humble biscuit was put down in the Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down site, but the comments came in its defense.

Mon, 7th May. 2012, 00:54
Sarko is gone !

I can't believe it !

(On the other hand, the FN is still scary...)

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