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Tue, 6th Nov. 2012, 23:13

My heart is racing. I never feel that anxious on Brazilian elections. It is so not fair that I should worry about that... I wish I didn't care.

Wed, 7th Nov. 2012 05:49 (UTC)

It seems that it's over ! I can't still believe it ! My god --- can I believe it ? Should I wait for the final count ? I so wish I could see the faces of theocracy ltd. ! Priceless !

If the marriage referenda pass on top of that, the look in the faces of Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher will have to be pictured and sold as souvenirs...

Wed, 7th Nov. 2012 19:04 (UTC)

I couldn't take it any longer and didn't even make it to the concession speech.
I turned off the TV right after Obama's electoral win was no longer dependent just on Ohio and went to bed.